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NY Times Best-selling Author and White-Hat, Thomas Kostigen Live on April 14th Show

Update 7-23-10:
In the months since I interviewed Tom, I’ve gotten to know Dr. Marcus Ericksen and Anna Cummins of the 5 Gyres project and Algalita Marine Research Foundation. If you found Blue Planet Almanac because you were searching for “the Eastern garbage patch” or the “great Pacific garbage patch”, then I’ll guarantee you’ll be interested in what Anna and Marcus have shown with their new research. Click here for the post about the recent June 28, 2010 Blue Planet Almanac show with their interview.
The characteristics of the plastic debris, toxic chemical sludge and trash in this patch usually make its individual particles small and diffuse. So the Pacific garbage patch’s scale is massive. Anna and Marcus say to think of a soup of debris instead of floating islands or patches. Above’s a good interview with Anna by Discovery News’ Jorge Rivas, showing you what a marine garbage patch really looks like.

author, journalist and white-hat, Thomas M. Kostigen

author, journalist and white-hat, Thomas M. Kostigen

AUDIO of BLUE PLANET ALMANAC 4-14-09 – it’s a good-sized file so please be patient if it takes a minute or two to load. Happy listening!

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With over 20 years experience reporting environmental news, Thomas M. Kostigen will be Blue Planet Almanac radio’s honored guest on the April 14th, 2009 live broadcast. Live calls will be accepted from listeners at 800 555 5453 or 310 571 3444. Tune-in to at 2:00 PM Pacific time! Get your questions ready now, because the opportunity to ask good questions of an intrepid journalist of Tom’s caliber doesn’t happen often.

To bring us the freshest, most relevant environmental news possible, Tom has traveled the Earth to far-flung locales like Jerusalem, India’s Mumbai, Southeast Asia’s Borneo, China’s Linfen City, Alaska’s Shishmaref Village, as well as The Amazonian jungle. New York’s retired but massive Fresh Kills Landfill provided his perspective in his story for us about the world’s newest, largest and most unintentional dump, The Pacific Ocean’s Eastern Garbage Patch (a.k.a trash in ocean size of Texas,  garbage patch like Texas,  garbage patch,  Good Morning America Great Pacific garbage patch,  Texas sized trash in ocean, garbage in the ocean size of Texas and Oprah garbage patch the size of Texas). Tom is the “Go-To Guy” for the mission-critical environmental decisions involved in solar power, smart electrical grids, coal power, cap-and-trade emissions schemes, water scarcity and much more.

A miniscule bit of the Eastern Garbage Patch, which is actually twice the size of Texas

A miniscule bit of the Eastern Garbage Patch, which is more frequently a thin soup, say Marcus Ericksen, Ph.D. and Anna Cummins of the 5 Gyres Project

Tom’s distinguished career as an environmental journalist continues strong while he writes the “Ethics Monitor” column for Dow Jones Market Watch and the Better Planet column and blog for Discover magazine. He also just launched a new streamcast, Saints and Sinners. But his work has also culminated in authorship of two excellent books –  “You Are Here: Exposing the Vital Link Between What We Do and What That Does to Our Planet” is his latest and has a foreword and video by Kevin Bacon. Tom was also best-selling co-author with Elizabeth Rogers of The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time.

As longtime culture-watcher and former Bloomberg News editor, Tom has been writing about global warming, the environment, social issues, and government policies for two decades. He has received well-earned attention for his thoughtful and heartfelt messages about sustainability, exemplified in You Are Here through media outlets like:

"You Are Here" by Thomas M. Kostigen

"You Are Here" by Thomas M. Kostigen

Fox News
Dow Jones’ MarketWatch
Media Bistro
MSNBC’s Morning Joe
Discovery Channel’s Planet Green
The Dennis Miller Show
The Today Show
USA Today/Weekend
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Discover Magazine
USA Network’s Character Road Trip
Good Magazine
The Daily Green
Sundance Channel
Good Company on Lime
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Blue Planet Almanac radio airs over the Internet radio network, an all-positive talk network with over 3 million listeners monthly in 104 countries and all 50 United States.

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