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Alexandra Cousteau, Environmental Advocate and Adventuress to Guest on May 12th Show

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Alexandra Cousteau with manatee

Alexandra Cousteau with manatee

To make your world your own, you have to act and do what you love. No matter who you are, you start where you stand and get moving. Whether or not you’re a pioneer, to do something important it’s never enough to take the reins your family gave you and simply guide your horses down the road. Because change is the way of the universe, you have to think about where you’re going and only then will the journey become your own. And, of course, everyone wants their own journey, right?

Alexandra and crew in Botswana

Ben Pederick , Alexandra and Pablo Levinas in Botswana

Alexandra Cousteau got busy on her own philanthropic mission. Honoring her family’s tradition as champions and stewards of the earth, National Geographic’s recognition of Alexandra Cousteau as Emerging Explorer shows that she has developed and cultivated her own voice in Mother Earth’s favor. Nodding to her family, Alexandra’s bio explains, “When asked about the impact that her father and grandfather have had on her life, Alexandra explains, ‘the best example they gave me was the importance of living a life of consequence, value, and meaning. I honor their memories by creating a legacy of my own in speaking out for the preservation of our blue planet and all its waters.”

Because of her experience and perspective, Alexandra founded Blue Legacy – and these days its principal project is Expedition: Blue Planet. Imagine trekking for 100 days across five continents to chronicle what our specie is doing and what needs to be done and you’ve got an intimation of what her and her fellow explorers are up to.

Alexandra at Women's Health Blue Party

Alexandra at Women's Health Blue Party

From Blue Legacy’s Website, Expedition: Blue Planet will chronicle the interconnectivity of water. A key aspect of the project will be its ability to show how individual stories are part of the larger, universal story of an interdependent, global water ecosystem. In this way, we will create a new vision for what it means to live in a world where water is our most precious resource, and a plan for what we must do to protect it.”

So if you’ve surfed to this page to make your journey your own, you’ll be especially excited to hear Alexandra’s perspective as Blue Planet Almanac’s guest, live from the field of her Expedition: Blue Planet, on the May 12,2009 Blue Planet Almanac at 2:00 PM, Pacific. Tune in, call in. Blue Planet Almanac at, all-positive talk radio.


  1. You’re Dedication and Passion is Priceless!
    -One World with True Values
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