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Theresa Cheung, the sweet, skilled and e

Theresa Cheung, the sweet, skilled and expert co-author of The Premonition Code, is Russell Brand’s guest on his 3-16-19 “Under The Skin” podcast. The title of this episode is “Intuition & Mysticism In A Material Word (with Theresa Cheung)”. I’m just listening now to this show, and I’m especially interested in who Theresa is. I do hope you enjoy this :-)

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“The Price of Free” is a movie about N

“The Price of Free” is a movie about Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s work against childhood slavery. You can see it at this link. Maybe I’ll later invite him onto Casual Saints.

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Co-author of The Premonition Code, There

Co-author of The Premonition Code, Theresa Cheung, will be interviewed on Saturday, 3-16-19, by actor Russell Brand on his Under The Skin podcast. Soul Rider’s work is discussed in Cheung’s and Mossbridge’s The Premonition Code.

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Juliana vs. US this Sunday on 60 Minutes

Juliana vs. US this Sunday on 60 Minutes: Our Children’s Trust lawsuit against the U.S. government’s egregious ignorance.

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The new movie, Third Eye Spies, is prett

The new movie, Third Eye Spies, is pretty good. You could enjoy it if you’re new to remote viewing, or if you’re experienced with it. Russell Targ and Lance Mungia have produced an interesting, entertaining and meandering biopic about Russell’s work in remote viewing. I know Russell well. He encouraged my Soul Rider companies to work with Marty Rosenblatt’s nonprofit and for-profit Applied Precognition Project companies.

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This is great!!

This is great!!

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Into the light of nonlocal perceptions ;

Into the light of nonlocal perceptions ;-)

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In 1996 I architected, built, expanded a

In 1996 I architected, built, expanded and ran for 12 years our 25-user, mixed operating systems company LAN, from soup to nuts, including significant quantities of sensitive data, internet firewalls and fat-pipe data lines. In the new context of the many, massive data thefts from companies most of us use, it’s my suggestion that every customer now needs identify theft insurance and protection. No company except an identity-monitoring company can be expected to guard your sensitive data from theft.

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Donella Meadows on Earth Economics

Photo: Ceiba Tree, Vieques, Puerto Rico, by Marta Ceroni


Economics says: compete. Only by pitting yourself against a worthy opponent will you perform efficiently. The reward for successful competition will be growth. You will eat up your opponents, one by one, and as you do, you will gain the resources to do it some more.

The Earth says: compete, yes, but keep your competition in bounds. Don’t annihilate. Take only what you need. Leave your competitor enough to live. Wherever possible, don’t compete, cooperate. Pollinate each other, create shelter for each other, build firm structures that lift smaller species up to the light. Pass around the nutrients, share the territory. Some kinds of excellence rise out of competition; other kinds rise out of cooperation. You’re not in a war, you’re in a community.

Economics says: worry, struggle, be dissatisfied. The permanent condition of humankind is scarcity. The only way out of scarcity is to accumulate and hoard, though that means, regrettably, that others will have less. Too bad, but there is not enough to go around.

The Earth says: rejoice! You have been born into a world of self-maintaining abundance and incredible beauty. Feel it, taste it, be amazed by it. If you stop your struggle and lift your eyes long enough to see Earth’s wonders, to play and dance with the glories around you, you will discover what you really need. It isn’t that much. There is enough. As long as you control your numbers, there will be enough for everyone and for as long as you can imagine.


The full text which contains the excerpt above is at “The Laws of the Earth and the Laws of Economics.”

Posted by: Michael D. Austin | February 16, 2017

Donald Trump’s Barking Madness

Trump at 2-16-17 White House Press Conference

Photo © CBS News

This man, Donald Trump, is certified, barking mad. The one good thing he did was to suspend the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Every thing else has been, and will continue to be a disaster.

Here’s the complete video of today’s presidential press conference from CBS News. It’s crystal clear he should be impeached before he does further significant damage. U.S. Congress are clearly a willing accessory to the destruction caused by this malignant narcissist. Yet they have abandoned their duty to enhance, preserve and protect both the nation’s citizens and our principles of compassionate democracy. This is a political coup in progress.

You’ve heard about the letter by psychologists to the New York Times declaring that Trump’s unfit to serve? Here is it is. And if you really need another, here’s one from Johns Hopkins.

Posted by: Michael D. Austin | February 7, 2017

Trump’s Dubious Clothes as Emperor

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson talks to reporters in Seattle on Friday 3 February 2017, following a hearing on President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. Photograph: Ted S. Warren/AP

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson talks to reporters in Seattle on Friday 3 February 2017, following a hearing on President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. Photograph: Ted S. Warren/AP

“Even on his own Trumpian terms, it’s fascinating to watch him destroy his standing as an expert in litigation. Who seriously thinks you can win a case by intimidating a United States judge?

These are the tactics of organized crime and they haven’t exactly been successful. If Trump wants to know how his attacks will be treated, he need only pick up one of the beautiful phones in the White House to call his sister. Judge Maryanne Trump Barry was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan, and has a reputation for delivering blunt justice to mob bosses.”

Whatever happens with Trump’s presidential administration and his presidency, it’s unequivocally important to stand up his administration’s xenophobic, sociopathic policies. To get the best information about the U.S., you often have to look outside its borders. Major news media in the U.S.A. have for decades kowtowed to the advertisers and government who toss them the most cash.

To see how Trump’s administration is trying to subvert the U.S. Constitution, you can have a look at Richard Wolffe’s pointed analysis in the Guardian, “When a president fights the law, there’s only ever one winner.”

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Bannon’s Headfake to Stage a Coup

I appreciate what Jake Fuentes wrote about the Trump administration’s actions, “The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It.”

Fuentes starts out:

“When I read about the incredibly active first week of the Trump administration, I struggle with two competing narratives about what’s really going on. The first story is simple: the administration is just doing what it said it would do, literally keeping its campaign promises. Lots of people won’t agree, but it’s playing to its base. They’re also not really good at this whole government thing yet, so implementation is shaky. The second is more sinister: the administration is deliberately testing the limits of governmental checks and balances to set up a self-serving, dangerous consolidation of power. ”

Read the rest here.

Pistol vs. Gavel

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The Trainwreck of Trump’s Disaster Capitalism

Photo courtesy of the Intercept_ and Naomi Klien

Photo courtesy of the Intercept_ and Naomi Klein

It was several years ago when I read Naomi Klein’s excellent book, “The Shock Doctrine:  The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.” Now, with Narcissist-in-Chief Donald Trump and his number two man, Mike Pence, in office, we can expect the Trump administration to instantly begin staging actions from the disaster capitalist’s playbook. It’s gonna get way ugly before it ever gets better.

For those of us looking for foot- and hand-holds while scaling the parapets of the neofascist policies Trump is now doing his best to quickly build, I recommend reading Klein’s fresh essay about disaster capitalism in the Intercept_, titled, “Get Ready for the First Shocks of Disaster Capitalism.”

Gird your loins, people. It’s time to gear-up, and we must move quickly.

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Deconstructing the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

I really dug watching and hearing this. Might you?

Posted by: Michael D. Austin | November 17, 2016

“The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder,” a New Book.


“Eyewitness accounts of Rolling Thunder’s remarkable healings, legendary control over the weather and animals, and inspiring teachings,” is what the venerable Inner Traditions • Bear & Company wrote about this brand new book.

My chapter, “Sensing Rolling Thunder’s Energy,” is in this exciting new volume edited by Rolling Thunder’s grandson, Sidian Morning Star Jones, and Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Sidian’s the founder of Open Source Religion, and Stanley’s a legendary psychologist, researcher in consciousness, and author.

The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder was just released on November 15, 2016. With contributors who include Alberto Villoldo, John Perry Barlow, Larry Dossey and others, if you’re a real fan of consciousness or Native American traditions, you’d likely find it to be a very entertaining read.

You could click to the Inner Traditions • Bear & Company website for the trade paperback version. Or you can instead click to for a Kindle edition or trade paperback version. I bow in gratitude to Sidian and Stanley for inviting my chapter as a contribution!

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Trump Holds America in His Heart ;-)

Lennart Gäbel's TrumpIt seems that Americans often need the perspective of citizens of other nations to see clearly what we’re doing. I found this brilliant image on Funkhaus Europa’s facebook page. It was made by illustrator Lennart Gäbel who hails from Hamburg, Germany. I wanna meet this guy and interview him on my new talk magazine!

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High-profile Votes of Zero Confidence in President-elect Trump

People hold signs as they listen to speakers at a protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in downtown Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

People hold signs as they listen to speakers at a protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in downtown Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

In this Summer’s past Wired magazine was this article, “An Open Letter From Tech Leaders on Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid.” I agree with everything written in it. It’s now time to love Trump out of office as expediently as possible.

Fear is pandemic in American culture. Unless you, as an individual, take steps to manage and dissolve it, it will and does run your life. I speak from personal and professional experience. Fear is sold to us each and every minute of each and every broadcast news day. So much so that most of our 300,000,000 citizens stopped noticing it. Most of our fears are unreal fantasies. They don’t exist. But they can and do still color and run our lives in absolutely undesirable directions. But no thing is real until it actually becomes real.

It’s also real, if you simply look into it objectively, that every national election since at least Dubya’s day has been rigged. Do your own conclusive research about this. Make your own choices and take back your personal power. Personally, I have found time and again there was clear evidence the popular national vote was blatantly disregarded by the government’s election process, and/or there was clear evidence that the gerrymandered electoral college skewed elections’ results beyond truth and comprehension.

Now, newly president-elect Donald Trump is our nation’s over-reaction to our individual, sometimes unspoken fears. However, his attitudes and fears are quite real because we have given them form by letting him be elected. But anyone, whoever they might be, who is abusive, divisive, and sociopathic cannot represent me as president. I won’t accept that from a clearly broken, subverted electoral process which long ago ceased to truthfully represent the will of its popular voters.

Trump’s sentiments are, in every way, the opposite of what our nation’s founders wrote they believed. I instead choose Love and freedom. Don’t however, mistake those choices for weakness. I’ve often been known to fight and win in professional scenarios. In this moment, I’d sooner see California secede from the broken United States’ government, to become its own republic.

With this post, I cast my personal preference that Trump be removed from taking office. I base that estimation not in fear, but from the real reactions of the experienced, compassionate, sensible, real people who daily comment on his inexperience and abuse of power. No. I won’t stand for his decisions.

Posted by: Michael D. Austin | September 9, 2016

Banks Which Promote Rainforest Destruction

These banks in this linked article are making possible the wholesale destruction of not only precious rainforests, but are also contributing to the acceleration of highly destructive, anthropogenic climate change. The palm oil grown on plantations like these is sold to you in your snack food, your shampoo, and other products. You’re paying these people to ruin the planet for your children. Research it if you don’t believe it. Look for ingredients like palm oil and palmitic acid.

Follow the article’s link for more information.

Chase has been my bank for a long time. Maybe it’s time for me to pull out my accounts and use a bank with environmentally-friendly policies.

These banks are pumping billions into Southeast Asia’s deforestation

Posted by: Michael D. Austin | August 18, 2016

Smart vs. Stupid Energy and What *You* Can Do

About a week ago, I purchased my third hybrid street car in a row. My goal in doing this is/was to reduce my personal use of dat ol’ debbil petroleum energy, and via my personal actions by leaving as many prehistoric dinosaurs and flora in the ground as possible.

Five and 1/2 years ago I leased my first Prius. In less than three weeks I’ll return my second leased Prius. Even with my foot pressed against the floor, I’d get upwards of 44 MPG with these cars. Nice.

Before I bought my first Prius, I also shopped the Ford Fusion. The Ford dealership with which I talked at the time was especially full of themselves, and they even denigrated the Prius for its “old” hybrid design. Not a big deal for me since the Prius’ mileage would regularly exceed the Ford Fusion hybrid by upwards of 12%. Ford also wanted much more money for their car, so Toyota got my business. The Prius was a good street car for me. Over 5 1/2 years I logged 123,000 miles between the two of them.

But last week I switched my allegiances. I wanted a slightly bigger car than the Prius, and I also found my two to be fugly. I actually like the looks of the Ford Fusion. While I was shopping I discovered that Ford is making screamingly-good deals on their new Fusion Energi, which is a plug-in hybrid. Ford sold me a one for $3,000 less than my most recent Prius.

It gets average mileage which is at least as good as my two Prii, and Ford’s in-car computer has been quoting average mileage north of 47 MPG. This includes its first 19 electric-only miles on each trip. Right now, I’m plugging it into a standard 110-volt AC plug. It takes around 6 1/2 hours and 65 cents to charge its 5.4 Kw usable capacity. On a 220-volt plug Ford quotes 2 1/2 hours’ charge time.

So, if it costs $3 per gallon for unleaded fuel, and you estimate the Fusion Energi would get a minimum of 38 MPG using only dinosaur juice, it would cost $1.50 to power the car its first 19 miles of each road trip. But an electric charge does that for only 65 cents. This is a good thing.

The Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion Energi

And now, one of the many reasons I point this out – Obama is proving yet again that he’s anything but an environmental president. As says, he’s up to this destructive task:

“On August 24th, the Obama administration is planning to sell off an area the size of Virginia for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This fossil fuel auction is set to take place in the New Orleans Superdome, just an hours drive from Louisiana cities and towns that have just been ravaged by unprecedented floods.

Louisiana is in a state of emergency and the Red Cross is calling this the worst disaster in the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy.

We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and stop treating the Gulf Coast like a sacrifice zone. In the midst of a climate-fueled disaster, which will most gravely impact those already marginalized in our society, moving forward with this auction is a terrible idea. Selling fossil fuels at the New Orleans Superdome — the site of one of the most visible and tragic instances of climate injustice in recent memory — is nothing short of insulting.

In this moment, we need to stand with Gulf communities who have been resisting the fossil fuel industry for decades.

President Obama can allow the fossil fuel industry to carry on with business as usual, or he can stand with Louisiana residents who are living under a state of climate emergency. He can’t do both.

We are calling on President Obama to cancel the upcoming fossil fuel auction and stop new offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico altogether.”

You now have the option to stand with me, with the other supporters of, to sign their petition to encourage Obama to cancel this idiotic auction.

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