Posted by: Mr. Austin | February 16, 2017

Donald Trump’s Barking Madness

Trump at 2-16-17 White House Press Conference

Photo © CBS News

This man, Donald Trump, is certified, barking mad. The one good thing he did was to suspend the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Every thing else has been, and will continue to be a disaster.

Here’s the complete video of today’s presidential press conference from CBS News. It’s crystal clear he should be impeached before he does further significant damage. U.S. Congress are clearly a willing accessory to the destruction caused by this malignant narcissist. Yet they have abandoned their duty to enhance, preserve and protect both the nation’s citizens and our principles of compassionate democracy. This is a political coup in progress.

You’ve heard about the letter by psychologists to the New York Times declaring that Trump’s unfit to serve? Here is it is. And if you really need another, here’s one from Johns Hopkins.


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