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Blue Planet Almanac™ was all-positive Healthy’s first comprehensive show on sustainability. HealthyLife’s News@7 Environmental News Super-Segment was also launched by Michael D. Austin.

During the years those shows aired (2009-2011) had well over 3,000,000 listeners monthly (100,000 daily) in 108 nations. In the company of industry goliaths such as BBC, PRI and KCBS, was a rare Microsoft Editor’s Pick among only 63 talk radio stations in the Microsoft® Windows Media® News + Talk category, and carried over the Windows Media Player® Radio Tuner. is a member station of the National Association of Broadcasters. Its programs span a variety of news/talk genres which are hosted by recognized experts in TV, film and radio. radio has long been syndicated and simulcast 24/7 over 58 distribution channels including TuneIn Radio, smartphones & mobile devices, podcasts, iTunes, downloadable MP3s, RSS feeds, archives and private radio networks.


Blue Planet Almanac’s news site is now archived, while new shows and publications on consciousness & sustainability are readied and released.  Austin’s role on Blue Planet Almanac had been described as “Mother Earth’s Kid-Brother™,” in which he served as a bridge between humanity’s pasts and futures. His new talk magazine broadcast is in the works through his Soul Rider LLC. These days Michael readies and launches startups, including an archaeological project whose subject spans several nations, a project advancing the sale of 18th dynasty Egyptian antiquities, and conservation telerobotics and game startup, Hardshell Labs Inc.

Austin has a page on LinkedIn, and has represented leading edge organizations in advancement of their programs, technologies and revenue. He has collaborated as a director, strategist or representative with organizations including the 5 Gyres Institute • American Cancer Society • Bureau of Land Management’s California Desert Conservation Area Plan • Boston Red Sox’ Pitcher Tim Wakefield and Pitching In For Kids • California State Polytechnic University & FoundationCity of HopeDirect Relief International • Pro football player Earl Campbell, the Pro Player Foundation and National Multiple Sclerosis Society • Yvon Chouinard’s Great Pacific Iron Works and PatagoniaGreat American Ink vintage animation art • Healthy Life All-Positive Talk RadioMono Lake Committee • New Orleans Saints’ Quarterback Drew Brees Dream FoundationSierra Club United Way Los AngelesWhole Life Times & Whole Life Productions • Super Bowl Champion and author Roland Williams’ 2013 startup, Block University.

Austin’s favorite professional moments include when…

  • his marketing team negotiated Sierra Club’s first corporate sponsorship,
  • in an Outward Bound Ropes Course for company team-building, he was first to climb atop a wobbly 75 ft. telephone phone – which swayed several inches under one’s weight. Then he dove into thin air to catch a trapeze eight feet away.

At University of California Santa Barbara and Riverside Austin read environmental studies, biology and comparative religion. At UCSB he was The Daily Nexus‘ first environmental news feature writer. His senior research paper explored, “The Symbolism of Flying and Ascension in Classical Yoga Traditions.” He tutored college chemistry and math, gathered field data contributing to the California Desert Conservation Area Plan, and researched the bionomics of Kestrels.

Growing up as an experienced, amateur naturalist, Mike hiked and biked in California’s coastal foothills and fished in its beautiful streams and rivers from an early age. Some of his favorite personal moments as an Earthling include when he…

Before it was fashionable Mike often commuted on bicycle. Automobilers from the mid-1970s remember the custom fabricated bumper-sticker mount on his bike saying, “Conserve Energy. Your Children Will Thank You!”

He doesn’t believe reality television exists ;)


  1. Intriguing. This sounds timely and worth our time to tune into. G’luck!


  2. When and where is the film “Addicted to Plastic” going to be next aired? Thanks, LT


  3. Thanks, Leslie: Hard to tell because Sundance doesn’t have it posted. That’s common for showbiz. I TiVoed it on 4-28 on Sundance. Yesterday when I talked with him, he reiterated that he usually doesn’t get advance notice when it airs. For example, it aired on CBC a few days ago. Try adding it to your DVR list and if you can’t find it in the next week, have someone drop me a note and I’ll loan you Blue Planet Almanac’s copy. Or, given your interests you could also contact Ian through Cryptic Moth Productions.


  4. […] Planet Almanac founder and host Mike Austin was gracious enough to have me live on his radio show a few weeks ago. For anyone who would like to […]


  5. How is the state of the Gulf?
    Also, Prince Charles’ new book and film sound actually worth their salt. Who would’ve thunk it? Ahead of his time. Gosh!


  6. […] Planet Almanac founder and host Mike Austin was gracious enough to have me live on his radio show a few weeks ago. For anyone who would like to […]


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