Posted by: Mr. Austin | April 10, 2009

GOOD Environmental News Now Shown at Blue Planet Almanac

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Honey or Vinegar?


What’s this??!! GOOD environmental news??!! How’s that possible?

Well, fellow explorers, it’s possible because the only way people get things done is to find positive ways to do them. This little characteristic of human awareness often escapes us in a media culture which feels like it can only sell to the section of our brains which remains reptilian and instinct-driven.

The fact is, you’ll get many more things done with honey than vinegar. Wanna change the world? You can.

...or vinegar?

...or vinegar?

Just start with the new, good news feed edited for us from the nice folks at Environmental Health News Service. At the top of the right-hand column on this Blue Planet Almanac page, get yourself some piping hot, fresh-baked, positive environmental news.

Simply mouse-click on a storyline (top right column) and you’re instantly taken to excellent stories from around the world from time-honored sources like Reuters, The New York Times, Associated Press, American Public Media’s Marketplace, The Globe and Mail, The Canadian Press and as many other sources as you can imagine.

Bon appetit!


  1. Alexandra Cousteau understands water, she is water. All the women of the world toast to biodiversity, consciousness, food, nonprofits and plastic. Yes, and check out the Better World Shopping Guide.


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