Posted by: Mr. Austin | November 16, 2010

‘Surprisingly Green’ Photoessay from Newsweek

The omnipresent Will Ferrell.

Newsweek’s photoessay, Surprisingly Green: Famous People (and Things) You Might Not Know Are Environmentally Friendly, is both interesting and funny. Interesting because it includes examples of people not well-known for their green tendencies. Funny because it includes worthy green activities of Pope Benedict XVI, Will Ferrell, and the ever-dubious Dubya.

George W. Bush was one of America’s poster-boys for Climate Denial, but no one can afford to deny him brownie points for anything positive he does. Just take what the man says with a diesel tractor-trailer load of salt and check with Natural Resources Defense Council or National Wildlife Federation about his record.

Activist and NASCAR racer Leilani Münter. For the record, she’s quite beautiful and the photo doesn’t do her justice.

Newsweek also includes the especially vocal Leilani Münter in their batch of 12. Blue Planet Almanac figures she absolutely deserves the attention. When was the last time any of us stood nose-to-nose with a national sports sanctioning body, asking them to change their fuel or recycling strategies?

Leilani has been our guest on a couple of Blue Planet Almanac’s shows. See “Jeremy Symons and Leilani Münter, Captain and Leader in the Cause,” or “The Gulf Oil Disaster” here at Blue Planet Almanac.


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