Posted by: Mr. Austin | November 15, 2010

Oceanfront Homes in Las Vegas and Pittsburgh ;)

Although a little of this excellent NY Times article by Justin Gillis, “As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas” will be remedial for some of us, it’s well worth the read.

Upon the first time I (recently) met a certain celebrity of household name, the first and only question she asked me was, “Do I need to be worried about sea level rise at my beachfront home?” My answer was, “Well it depends on how long you plan to keep it.” ;)

So, if you own oceanfront property and expect to bequeath it to your children, 1.) your business sense would suggest you sell it within an appropriate time frame to minimize your losses, or 2.) instead, your morals would compel you to keep it and absorb the loss. From his The Vanishing Face of Gaia, the often controversial James Lovelock believes that ocean levels are a more accurate indicator of climate change than atmospheric CO2 levels. Since ocean levels are rising faster than the best scientists predicted, I’d say he’s onto something.

For all of humankind’s artifice and ability, accurately predicting climate change is not one of our skills. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening, eh?

Oceanographer Fiammetta Straneo. Photo Tony Cenicola/The New York Times


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