Posted by: Mr. Austin | November 26, 2007

Little Green Things Every Day

With many, many years under my belt as an advocate of green practices to protect our little planet, I’m always looking for simple things I can do every day to help. Here’s something helpful to re-balance our coastal ocean areas, to do something about news like was presented in the Los Angeles Times articles on ocean dead zones, which now number around 150.

Don’t put food for microbes down the kitchen sink. Microbes love and eat anything and everything we do, including the leftovers from your meal. City dwellers can put their leftovers in the trash. Homeowners can compost ’em outside.

Microbes also love dishwashing detergents which contain non-biodegradable stuff. Cascade is like steroids for many microbes; it gives ’em muscles on their muscles. When they get muscles, they over-bloom instead of the right quantities of the microbes we want, choking the food chain via processes like increasing oxygen demand. Instead, get dishwashing stuff which clearly reads that it has easily-biodegradable soap in it.

Strange that I know about this, huh? I studied some environmental science in college. Even commuted to college and work (as a gas-pump jockey!) on a bicycle, which had a custom-made bumper-sticker display reading, “Conserve energy. Your children will thank you.” Motorists thought I was nuts. Things changed, eh?

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