Posted by: Mr. Austin | January 21, 2015

Declaration to Restore Mother Earth

Declaration to Restore Mother EarthAlthough it’s gonna get worse before it gets better, at least you can be one of those who notices and speaks what’s happening. A personal and collective Declaration to restore the Earth from the destruction created by modern society is at the link, inspired by the Elder Brother’s message.

Via Declaration to Restore Mother Earth:

“Mother Earth’s rights are equivalent to Human Rights. The reactivation of sacred places and sacred sites is vital for the reconstitution of a healthy and balanced life on Earth.

In this task, restoring and reactivating the neglected and injured sites of Mother Earth is urgent. It is necessary to carry out this task on a global level in all biocultural regions of the earth and to revitalize the sacred elements of life: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

The Natural Rights of Mother Earth should be upheld and endorsed by the United Nations System and by national and regional laws.”


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