Posted by: Michael D. Austin | January 18, 2015

Letters to Gaia™

This post marks a new direction in which I’m taking Blue Planet Almanac™. Experience, intellect and intuition all show me, on a regular basis, that everything we notice has an effect on us and everyone else. And I’m anything but the only person who can support this with facts. What comes after this are my thinkings aloud, They’re not meant as sound bites so don’t expect them in that context, but they’re instead meant to to connect joyous and important things. This is also letting the ghosts out so they can move on.


Most of you reading this probably won’t know who Anita Moorjani is. But you can look her up. The abbreviated version of her experience is:  She was mere hours away from a death by a cancer that was four years in the making. From a seemingly unconscious coma she heard her doctor, who was out of Moorjani’s earshot, say just that. Then, for reasons which she explains in her books and teaching, she recovered fully. Within only the western paradigm no western medical professional will ever be able to fully explain why. Western professionals will be either speechless or speculative.

Although Moorjani’s experience is very unusual, it’s anything but without precedent. Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander is another famous one. I’ve met and talked with him, including having sat at his luncheon table. I’ve also heard him speak at length but haven’t yet read his books. Since around 1980 I’ve had many very unusual friends who do research on consciousness or who have had such experiences as Moorjani and Alexander. There must be at least hundreds thousands of people who have had experiences of inexplicably spontaneous healings, many of whom have documented them. Probably more like hundreds of millions. But you won’t always hear about them in the U.S. because the American Medical Association, giant pharma and their kissin’ kin never bank on them. Those sort of institutions will try to dissuade you that such experiences won’t help you because they can’t sell you anything and instead have policies which make money on you by keeping you ill.

As I listened to Anita Moorjani’s webinar, as one caller discussed how she had mysteriously gotten lupus several months after her marriage (without other coincidences) I began paying even closer attention to that session than I had at first. There was something important in the caller’s presence which wanted my attention besides my clear sense that she’s a wonderful person. But I’d yet to identify it. Sweet and intelligent, the caller was casting around in the open for causes of her dis-ease with Moorjani, looking for solutions. The caller had helped herself significantly with diet and medical advice, but she still didn’t feel she was healing to her full potential. She asked the kindly-voiced Moorjani what she might notice and suggest.

Then, Moorjani asked her caller a couple of questions about time of onset of her symptoms. They discussed that the caller had left her home country to be married and start a new life, and that she felt significant, unspoken loss of her old lifeways and friends. Moorjani is unusually accurate as an intuitive, and asked her caller how she felt about that. The line went silent for a moment, and those of us open to empathetic presentiment started to feel her response even before she spoke. The caller was deeply sad about the loss of bits of her old life, about her former self. She wept gently.

But thus her healing had started. Moorjani next described the caller’s real opportunity in healing as one to acknowledge and heal the deep, deep pining she felt for her old life. Telling the caller to continue following the advice of her doctors, she also told her she’d have the best results in healing from walking herself through that to joy. As above, so below. As a man thinketh, so he becomes. Whatever you think, you are that. Examples of this come from every field and great teacher.

The caller’s experience is a microcosm of Earth, of Gaia. As Bruce Lipton would point out, each of us alive can be likened to a single cell in a planet of billions of human cells. Every human has around 50 trillion to 70 trillion living cells. And when you add the cells of all the other organisms on the planet, even scientific notation wouldn’t ever give you an accurate number. That’s why something like a Gaia theory becomes supremely useful. And in a symbiosis which is millions of years in age, scientists are now finding that we have another 2/3 of that amount of cells which are bacteria, living both in and on each one of us. We’re mini-ecosystems unto ourselves and always have been. There are many things we are yet to understand, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be amazed and awed by them, right?

As Moorjani’s and her caller’s conversation unfolded, I was nearly overcome with the unresolved feelings I’ve had about Gaia. You’ve heard of Gaia theory. I’ve written about it in a peer-reviewed research essay, and spoken about it on Blue Planet Almanac™ broadcasts as yet another voice in its clear support. I’ve seen where Gaia has been and seen where she’s bound. The facts about what humans have done are anything but pretty. My readers who most appreciate this will be familiar with many things on the list we’ve done to the planet. The Sixth Extinction, chemical agriculture, runaway overpopulation, psychopathic geoengineering, habitat destruction and climate change  –  anthropogenic causes one and all.

If we save our own bacon it’ll be nothing short of a miracle. And although I see miracles every day, I don’t see clearly how an aggregation of them would bring Gaia back to healthy homeostasis. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen, only that I can’t yet see it. I feel that miracles must occur for us to survive and prosper in the ways I’d prefer, living in the same ways virtually all of you would prefer.

But now that we know what’s happening. What are we doing about it? How do we live in joy, health and prosperity? Who has to tell us it’s OK to live those ways? You know the answer to that if you stop and think about it. It’s you.


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