Posted by: Mr. Austin | February 23, 2014

Crowd Sourced Conservation™ at TEDxBerkeley

In this vid are Hardshell Labs’ Internet-controlled rover, the Raven Repel conservation game demonstration on the audiences’ iOS and Android smartphones, and new ideas about how to save and grow Earth’s life-support systems using games.

The rover’s video is from Roy Haggard’s iPhone. As he pilots the rover through the UC Berkeley Air Bears WiFi net, he’s sitting downstairs in a dressing room with a hand-held controller. Christopher Smith is standing in the shadows of stage left with Haines, AK high school engineering student Eli White.

The Raven Repel game demo is still available for Android and iOS at this time at The current team scores are shown at The standing ovation the audience gave Tim’s talk doesn’t show in this cut.


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