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SRO Debut of Hardshell Labs at TEDxBerkeley This Saturday

One of this coming Saturday's surprises

One of this coming Saturday’s surprises

During biologist and fine artist Tim Shields’ TEDxBerkeley presentation this coming Saturday, 2-8-14, our new conservation technology company, Hardshell Labs will lob its first public appearance. Tim and 18 other brilliant speakers and performers, including Guy Kawasaki, will present to a packed, sold-out house of over 1,500. Two very playful surprise demonstrations are planned by Hardshell Labs, one involving the TEDxBerkeley audience, and one technology demonstration. Intrigued? Good, because it’s going to be not only worthwhile, but also fun.

The theme of this year’s TEDxBerkeley is, “Rethink. Redefine. Recreate.” Although tickets are sold out, you can still watch the event live on Livestream. Tim is slated to speak somewhere between 1 PM and 2:15 PM Pacific time.

Hardshell Labs is developing products producing both profits and environmental conservation. Our three product lines will include games, educational products and sunrise technologies.

My friend of 44 years, Shields is, “…a new entrepreneur and founder of a new conservation technology company. I’m also a public radio host for popular music, an educator in wildlife ecology and fine artist. But many of the most valuable things I’ve learned about Earth and biology have come by walking thousands of desert miles as a biologist – searching for tortoises. I think ‘Outside the Box’ because I have spent so much time outside boxes discovering the astounding complexity and beauty of the wild world.

The desert tortoise is a ‘canary species,’ giving us vital clues and strategies to preserve Earth’s health. Having witnessed the steep decline of the desert tortoise over 35 years as a field biologist, I am working to weave together the four main strands of my professional life – conservation technologies, biological research, art and teaching – to pass on what I have learned to as many people as I can. Knowledge only becomes wisdom when it is shared.

With my new company, Hardshell Labs, I’ve begun exciting work with inventors, educators, technologists, entrepreneurs and funders of cutting edge conservation innovations, distilling what I have learned in a lifetime in the field into forms that will engage a wide audience in exploring and preserving their home planet. To know Earth is to love it, my job is to help people know it.

Periodically I’ve been interviewed by news media as an expert in biology or wildlife ecology. I’ve been interviewed by CNN and the Los Angeles Times, among other media outlets. When not walking the Mojave I’ve also worked to develop my skills as a fine artist. For years I have shared my passion for biology and art by teaching others.”


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