Posted by: Mr. Austin | August 30, 2013

FoE Petition to Japanese Government

Fukushima's ocean, literally boiling in August 2013

Fukushima’s ocean, literally boiling in August 2013

Aside from the Japanese themselves, if you live on the West coast of the United States, you and generations of your children will suffer from the Fukushima disaster. Japan’s government, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and plant operator Tepco all appear complicit in withholding progress in the disaster’s aftermath. Will you sit with inaction, or will you speak up? You can help meliorate this by telling the Japanese government what you’d like to see done about it.

Friends of the Earth in Japan have a petition to demand that the Japanese government take faster action on the out-of-control problem at Fukushima. If you sign it here, it certainly won’t hurt. I sent this:

“It’s absolutely clear that the Japanese government, Tepco and the IAEA are complicit in withholding important vital information about solutions for the Fukushima disaster. This problem is grave, and also affects everyone else in the world with those agencies’ compounded mistakes. The Japanese government is acting as if the Fukushima disaster has been managed and is under control, when it’s clear it has not been under control from the day it first began.

It’s imperative that the Japanese government immediately get any and all help it needs from outside its own nation to stop further damage to the Earth’s ecosystems from Fukushima. Any other course of action will cause further catastrophic damages to human life and limb, and constitutes serious crimes against everyone and everything else on the planet. The health of many generations of your countrymen’s children depend upon your positive actions, as well as the health of many generations of other countries’ children and adults.”

You can draw courage, step up and do the same. Cs-137, one of the principal components of the especially destructive radiation which is right now escaping from the aftermath of Fukushima, is said to have a half-life of decades. But in Chernobyl, that same substance is instead expected to last for centuries. No one knows exactly why this is so. Do we want to wait around for the Japanese government to find out and act?

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