Posted by: Mr. Austin | January 15, 2013

Liver-storming. Try It. You’ll Like It.

Brainstorming? That’s new-school. Making fire, Fire in the Belly? That’s old-school and yeah – it’s your liver talkin’.

My excellent acquaintance, social business strategist, Aleks Blumentals from Siriti, gave this fascinating address about organizational change at TEDx Vilnius. The video is below. A transcript of Aleks’ TEDx talk, “About Being Bright,” is here.

There’s a subtle subtext to be inferred from this talk that not many of us will have heard about – that specific organs in the human body seem to have an “intelligence” on their own. Yeah, I know that’ll twist your Occidental melon. That’s one reason why Aleks would have mentioned Prometheus’ liver. This is not a new thought to humanity but it’s new because most of us have forgotten about it. Ancient Oriental traditions held it long before the new guys from Western allopathic medicine came around.

This talk was held in Lithuania‘s capital city. Aleks described himself to me as a “professional foreigner,” although he will stay for some time there. He grew up in Venezuela, has lived and worked in many countries and speaks several languages. As you listen to him, it seems that he’s among the few individuals who have original, creative thought all his own. He’s humble, so he might politely disagree and defer to the inspiration of his Muses.

Also, very worthwhile: Aleks and I talked at length via Skype about his very unusual first-of-breed, open-source dreams database, dreamer’s journal and community site, Aleks and his partner, Veronica started as an inspired avocation from her special, personal dreams.


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