Posted by: Michael D. Austin | July 1, 2012

Gaia Consciousness, Meditation and Whirled Peas

David Lynch presents the Lifetime of Bliss Award to George Shapiro during the “David Lynch Foundation: A Night of Comedy honoring George Shapiro” at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Looking on are Sarah Silverman and Garry Shandling. (Photo John Shearer/Invision for David Lynch Foundation/AP Images)

Last evening I felt fortunate to have very pleasant conversations with David Lynch (Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet), Thomas Jane (Hung and Give ’em Hell Malone) and Stephen Collins (No Ordinary Family and 7th Heaven) about meditation. I covered the red carpet ceremonies of David Lynch Foundation’s “A Night of Comedy,” a tribute fund raiser for George Shapiro (Carl Reiner’s nephew), as a journalist for Healthy Life talk radio. George is a very amusing guy and appreciated that I understood his little pun, spoken in Spanish, about his “mantra.” He was Jerry Seinfeld’s producer for many years. George’s interview could soon be on Entertainment Tonight (CBS from L.A.) in the next couple of days. It’s also likely that David Lynch Foundation Television will have it.

Thomas Jane

Stephen Collins and I talked with Jane’s lovely date. Steve mentioned that many household names like Clint Eastwood, Howard Stern and Paul McCartney are meditators. This Wikipedia entry has a list of fairly surprising, notable people who are meditators and includes athletes, politicians, business people, musicians, scientists, actors, journalists, fashion models, designers and authors.

Dressed in a sports jacket and casual shirt, Jane wore neither shoes or socks ;) His date commented that he feels more grounded without them. That instantly made me feel at ease with the man, because I often walk around outside sans shoes. So, when I talked with him, I shucked my shoes. He was pleased and observed, “Now I can see your real height.” We were eye-to-eye.

The broader story for you fans of sustainability and Blue Planet Almanac will come a couple of weeks from now, when actress, journalist and radio host, Ariana Kaiser, brings me aboard her enlivening, Friday morning Arts and Entertainment segment on talk radio. Of course, Ariana and I will be talking about the work of Lynch’s foundation. My upcoming article, Dreaming Earth, in Spanda Foundation’s peer-reviewed Journal, Consciousness & Development 2.0: An Operating Manual, will touch upon how Transcendental Meditation has provided me a sense of Gaia consciousness, and suggests how meditation can provide windows to your own appreciation how Earth is put together.

Stephen Collins (Photo John Shearer/Invision for David Lynch Foundation/AP Images)

I made it a point to ask Lynch, Collins and Jane about their personal experiences of meditation, how it has affected their lives, and work, and what it has done for them. You’ll hear their inspiring stories when you tune into Ariana’s show.

Russell Brand, Jay Leno, Joely Fisher, and Jerry Seinfeld were among those in attendance this evening. I said, “Hey,” to Connie Stevens, Joely Fisher’s mother. Stevens stood next to me as I listened to an interview of her daughter.

Ariana and I will enjoy having you as listeners on talk radio, and I’ll post the air time and date here. Blessings and Whirled Peas ;)


Ariana Kaiser

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