Posted by: Mr. Austin | June 15, 2012

Surviving Ourselves, by Farmer and Author Eric Herm

by Eric Herm

One of my favorite telephone conversations of all time was just now with farmer & author Eric Herm. He called me from his mobile phone to talk a little about a complaint he’s filing through the Texas Department of Agriculture. He was driving his tractor, tilling weeds under. The idea that a farmer could call his buddies while working his fields from atop his tractor impressed both me and my son, who said, “That sounds like a good life.” Eric told me that’s the second time he has called from his tractor. The first was when I interviewed him on Blue Planet Almanac talk radio. ;)

Eric’s neighbor-farmer sprayed Monsanto’s Roundup biocide on his own fields, and the overspray (via wind) naturally meandered into Eric’s freshly-planted fields of organic cotton. Derp. Eric joked that his neighbor-farmer thought his 100 foot, $200K spray boom was immune to the laws of physics. ;)

At this link is an excerpt from Eric’s new book shown at the top, Surviving Ourselves: The Evolution of Community, Education and Agriculture in the 21st Century. Everyone needs to read Eric’s writing. The book’s now available at at that link.


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