Posted by: Mr. Austin | April 16, 2012

Corporate Welfare Checks for Nuclear Power by the Numbers

Image from Alternet

Many years ago when an attorney “voir dired” me, asking if I had any problem with unlimited liability for corporate mistakes, I answered something like, “No. And in fact with an example like the Price-Anderson act, it’s an especially irresponsible idea to limit corporate liability.” I was politely excused from the jury selection and returned to work. In essence, I was being asked if I might provide a vote in favor of the private party plaintiff in an accident.

Get this excellent evaluation of corporate welfare for facts by the numbers. See Ryan Anderson and Senator Bernie Sanders article for honest facts, “It’s Time to Stop the Nuclear Energy Welfare Program: After 60 years, the taxpayer should not continue to subsidize multibillion-dollar corporations in the nuclear energy sector. None of us want another Fukushima, and literal nuclear fallout has already started to visit the west coast of North America.


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