Posted by: Michael D. Austin | February 14, 2012

“Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth” Video

Here’s Eric’s interview on KTLA-TV:

Life takes curious turns, we would all agree. So, although it shouldn’t surprise me that I would finally meet guest of Blue Planet Almanac radio, Eric Herm, at the 2012 Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo – it did. You find some of the wackiest, waaay-out souls you’d meet anywhere, at just such an event. But you also find many of the souls who are most connected to reality on Earth. Eric’s such a “connected” example, to put it in friend Alys Dayton’s terms.

If you haven’t yet read Eric’s book, “Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth,” you should. Eric’s perspective as a farmer, father and activist is one of the most important of our era, because his voice is simultaneously scientific, experiential and mystical. The book’s title can be your clue. Did you know that GMO seed bags can contain a skull and crossbones? Did you know that 50 countries – not including the U.S. and Canada have banned or labeled the use of GMO seeds as dangerous? I thank Eric’s publisher, Dreamriver Press’ owner Theodore Poulis, for finding me and bringing Eric’s work to my attention; not all the requests I received from aspiring guests on Blue Planet Almanac were so timely and á propos.

While Eric was in town for the 2012 Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, he was also interviewed by KCAL and KTLA, local LA television stations. Of course, Eric has been on television before in other areas of the country.

Drinks and dinner with Eric and two of my friends, Jayc G. Ryder and Alys, took pleasant philosophical turns I never expected. And we also laughed our guts out because we all love ribald stories. Eric’s a very down-to-Earth kind of person, so I was surprised by his normally hidden proclivities as a mystic. Maybe he’ll write about them some time. For the moment, you can read between the lines of his excellent book and watch these interviews of him. ;) Both interviews are quite good; the one by KTLA is little lighter with a little fun at the end, the one from KCAL is about sober facts.

And, here’s Eric’s interview on KCAL-TV. The fuzzy bits are from KCAL’s Website:


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