Posted by: Mr. Austin | December 20, 2011

Ruinous Plots ;)

What prevents me from abandoning deniers of anthropogenic change as examples of evolution in action isn’t compassion. Effective help can’t be provided to anyone unless it’s accepted. It’s the realization that deniers’ children deserve a better offer for a pleasant life than their parents’ lethally-stunted imaginations can provide, just as my child deserves not to pay for my mistakes.

Denial of anthropogenic change is an emotionally retarded behavior, and eventually diminishes your family’s gene pool. Deniers should receive medical treatment for their condition under insurance plans. Here’s an article from the Washington Post, Virginia residents oppose preparations for climate-related sea-level rise,”  describing the attitudes of a friend’s cretinoid countrymen. The United Nations and environmentalists are out to confiscate their land. ;)


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