Posted by: Mr. Austin | November 1, 2010

National Geographic and American Le Mans

The track at over 170 M.P.H. Click to enlarge.

Blue Planet Almanac is especially pleased to announce these guests for our 11-22-10 show:

David and Doug will be talking with us about the first “green” racing series of which I know, the American Le Mans’ Michelin Green-X Challenge, as well as GM’s interests in green racing.

At Long Beach’s Toyota Grand Prix. Click to enlarge.

American Le Mans vice president Bob Dickenson told me that Doug was instrumental in General Motors’ adoption of its Michelin Green-X intentions a few years ago. Doug told me that American Le Mans began its green considerations because of David Brabham’s letter to them in 2004. These men and the American Le Mans series have made the first reasonable efforts in racing sustainability, well in advance of other series which include NASCAR and Formula One.

Jonathan will be talking with us about something that could be near and dear to all our hearts, sustainable tourism. Think of it this way… with all our emphasis on preserving the Earth, when was the last time you considered a vacation with a decent carbon footprint? This topic should keep you busy for a while.

St. Georges Harbor, Grenada. Click to enlarge slightly. Photo by Lidian Neeleman.

Vacationers are traveling to places in Europe, South America, Asia, North America and many other places while maintaining a decent carbon impact. You could be among them, today. Imagine where you’d like to go, and Jonathan and National Geographic can likely help you go there.

Join us! Air time will be 8:00 AM Pacific time on 11-22-10.


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