Posted by: Mr. Austin | October 11, 2010

The Brooklyn Space Program ;)

This has to be seen to be believed. In their “Brooklyn Space Program” a dad and son launch a weather balloon, an HD camera and an iPhone to reach 19 miles above Earth. The camera and iPhone were housed in a take-out food container.

In general I believe that large-scale space programs – such as exploring other planets –  usually squander time and resources we need to solve problems we’ve created on Earth. Think what you could do about any of the problems we create on a daily basis – climate change, poverty, slavery, energy use or extinction of species – with even half the money spent on sending missions to other planets in our solar system.

But the Brooklyn Space Program is just too cool for mere words (T.C.f.M.W.) and everyone should see it. Sometimes you have to get out to get in. At this scale, where a dad, Luke Geissbühler, is teaching the skills and philosophies involved here to his son and his son’s friends, this is just too invaluable not to do. Wow.


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