Posted by: Mr. Austin | September 28, 2010

“Dark English” by Artist Tim Shields

I’ve know Alaskan artist Tim Shields for a loooonnng time. Today, I’m in the mood so simply and eloquently expressed by him in this painting, “Dark English.” Some of Tim’s art is viewable at his art page, but it’s not all this pointed.

“Dark English” by artist and biologist Tim Shields

Tim’s a consulting field ecologist with the Bureau of Land Management, has done extensive work on our behalf in the California desert and is a graduate of California State University, San Diego. For some years he was Executive Director of the Takshanuk Watershed Council. Here’s an excerpt from his bio from at their site:

“I have lived in the Chilkoot and Chilkat watersheds for the last fifteen years and during that time have come to love this land that feeds both my body and my soul so richly. I am a lifelong field biologist and bring a deep scientific interest to my work… I am fascinated by the workings of nature and like sharing the knowledge I gain with others.”

For grins Tim also hosts a music show on Alaskan public radio station, KHNS.


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