Posted by: Mr. Austin | May 31, 2010

Boycott BP Brands. Which Ones Are They?

There’s really no upside to enumerate the reasons to boycott BP products and services in this post. If you’re reading this, you’ve been keeping track of the news. But please remember BP is acting at every step and turn like a company which is trying to control everything it touches, and none of us should ever accept that.

Here are the BP brands to boycott in North America:

BP's North American brands


Update 6-7-10 about North America: Safeway Fuels had a marketing partnership with BP around two years ago, a “PowerPump Rewards Program,” according to press releases widely available on the Web. Safeway customers received discounts for their patronage of BP and ARCO fuel stations. When we can make the time to see if this arrangement still exists, we’ll update this post. Safeway’s 2009 annual corporate reports states that 22% of its stores have fuel stations. A recent quarterly report says it has around 388 of them.

And if our friends-at-arms in other countries could help us out with this, we’d really appreciate that. Any company which acts the way BP has deserves to be put out of business. In other countries, BP owns these additional brands:

Additional BP brands outside North America


These were cobbled together just this morning. Please feel free to use them; companies with dark conscience deserve all the bad press we can provide.


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