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Restore the Gulf of Mexico T-Shirts

Restore the Gulf of Mexico close-up. Click to enlarge. The Cafe Press watermark won't be on your shirts.

Restore the Gulf of Mexico by Gordon Durich.

Any profits Blue Planet Almanac makes from these will be sent to the Gulf Restoration Network.

These shirts’ colors include the masculine and forceful “Black Gold,” “Tony Hayward Greenwashed Green,” “Not in The Pink,” and the wistful “Ocean Was Blue.” CLICK HERE TO GET THEM.

If you can, organic cotton is the way to go for this excellent apparel, and you’ll have spunky conversations about them. Buy ’em for gifts, too.

See them all HERE, take your pick among many different styles, and get at least one shipped to you right away. Any profits Blue Planet Almanac makes from these are sent to the Gulf Restoration Network.


  • BP’s CEO Tony Hayward has shown astonishing disregard for environmental preservation, presiding over a company involved in the unintentional death of 11 and injury of 17, with his blindly imperious attitude that he and BP own all rights to the Gulf of Mexico, its coasts, its wildlife and its people, and
  • George W. Bush has graced us with his completely unsurprising legacy of an environmentally destructive, nearly lawless, regulatory milieu of cronyism. You know this schmuck gave us the uncompromising insanity of today’s Minerals Management Service, and
  • Chris Oynes, Minerals Management Service’s resigning Gulf of Mexico director, has provided brilliant leadership by granting every application which came before his agency, without a second thought for their safety or environmental consequences, while overlooking an occasional recreational crystal meth inspector…

WHEREAS… This band’s fine work is now finished. Blue Planet Almanac now presents for you the first of its tongue-in-cheek, wearable offerings. Our 2010 RAW OIL World Tour apparel commemorates what’s said to be the biggest environmental disaster since 1989’s Exxon Valdez. Get ’em while quantities last, folks!

BE IT RESOLVED… that Blue Planet Almanac now honors these leading men with this wonderful apparel, from their band’s infamous 2010 RAW OIL World Tour. For all these leaders have done for us, catapulting us into this year with their efforts to create, sustain or turn their gaze away from one of the largest environmental disasters of all time, we don’t thank them.

For the record, we don’t think Obama’s a bad guy. In fact we like him. Everyone makes mistakes, even big ones. But by now it should be abundantly clear to anyone that BP will continue to mismanage the tragic disaster they’ve created. So, if the President of the United States of America sat with the CEO of a massive oil company, and said to him, “Say, Tony, BP hasn’t handled this so well, and everyone knows it. It’s time to bring in the first string and let them help you solve it quickly,” do you think BP can say ‘No?”

But with each and every moment that lapses more wildlife are killed, more fisheries are destroyed, more people are bankrupted from their livelihood’s destruction – and an entire ecosystem descends faster into total collapse. It’s never prudent to leave the fox in charge of the henhouse, let alone for 36 days.

Blue Planet Almanac’s expert guest John Amos of SkyTruth has set his conservative estimate of the size of the spill at 1.1 million gallons. Per day. Conservatively. A month ago. Some highly respected scientists think the spill rate is much greater. It should also be crystal clear that among BP’s, Transocean’s and Halliburton’s deceitful reasons for withholding data and lying about the size of the spill, is that if they’re found guilty of “gross” negligence, they’re liable under American law to pay $4,300 per barrel of oil they spill. And that’s only as a penalty for that aspect, and aside from economic damages.

If BP’s, Transocean’s and Halliburton’s actions are judged to be more within the realm of honesty – and anybody watching this debacle would conclude they’re anything but honest – their fine could be $1,100 per barrel. That would be around $150,000,000 in this moment, and counting up. My calculator doesn’t go high enough to handle a factor of $4,300, but you get the idea.

By the way, is BP too big to fail? I think not. Any profits Blue Planet Almanac makes from these will be sent to the Gulf Restoration Network.


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