Posted by: Mr. Austin | May 18, 2010

A Sobering Miami Herald Classified

While I was looking over coverage in the Miami Herald mentioned by David Guggenheim – one of next Monday’s guests – I noticed this sobering classified at the Miami Herald site, required by law:

Deepwater Horizon fire, 4-20-10. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

“PUBLIC NOTICE In accordance with the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (33 USC 2714(c)) (OPA), please be advised of the following information: A well, which is located in Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the Gulf of Mexico and had been drilled by the mobile offshore drilling unit DEEPWATER HORIZON, has been named as the source of an oil discharge that commenced around 10:00 pm CDT on or about April 20, 2010. This spill impacted the Mississippi Canyon area, and continues to potentially affect the Gulf Coast of the United States. As the spill is ongoing, the quantity of oil involved is undetermined. BP Exploration & Production Inc. (BP Exploration) is accepting claims for certain uncompensated damages and removal costs caused by the spill. Costs and damages that may be compensated pursuant to OPA include removal costs; damage to or loss to real or personal property; loss of subsistence use of natural resources; loss of government revenues; loss of profits and earnings capacity; and damages for net costs of providing increased public services.…”

…read the rest by clicking HERE. The law limits damages paid by BP to $75 million. How much might you think this is gonna cost? Who’s gonna pay the families of the men who lost their lives?


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