Posted by: Mr. Austin | November 16, 2009

Bill McKibben on President Obama at Mother Jones

Bill McKibben (photo Nancie Battaglia)

Because this month’s Blue Planet Almanac is discussing the climate talks in Copenhagen, and because I share Bill McKibben’s overall sentiments about the United States’ slovenly posture for those talks, I want to turn you on to this evening’s essay which Bill has posted at Mother Jones, “Mr. President: Time to Quit Fibbing and Spinning.” Bill is a well-known author on climate change, grassroots organizer and founder of, which CNN called the creators of “the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.”

Bill will speak with Blue Planet Almanac during our 11-23-09 show at 8:00 AM Pacific on about America’s needs for the talks at Copenhagen. Blue Planet Almanac radio will also be rebroadcast that same day at 8 PM Pacific, and available thereafter for download. Pass the word about this to all your voting friends, because humanity’s out of reaction time. Unless we put our foot on the brakes, now, we can expect especially nasty consequences to our studied inaction. Contact the White House now for your children, asking President Obama to show up at Copenhagen ready to get to work, so your children have an Earth worth inheriting.

Andrew Light of the Center for American Progress

Providing another perspective for us will also be internationally recognized expert Andrew Light, involved with a mere 17 books on environment and technology, who is Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. Since you’ll get fatigued from hearing my violins about this, consider what Andrew said the first time I talked to him, asking him straight away why he does the work he does. Without hesitation he answered, “For my six month old son.” Andrew coordinates many aspects of  “international climate change policy and the future of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, for the Center for American Progress.

Ben Jervey of Adopt-A-Negotiator

And because most Americans – including me – truly need a fast education about what’s happening with the United Nations Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen, I’ve also invited the younger but especially perceptive Ben Jervey to provide his first-hand stories from his role with the clever Adopt-A-Negotiator campaign at the U.N.’s just-completed talks in Barcelona. Ben has the experience of years working with the legendary Natural Resources Defense Council as an editor and writer, lately at their OnEarth magazine, and also works with the collaborative

We look forward to you joining us to hear what these three fine men have to say about what we must do!

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Join us!

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