Posted by: Michael D. Austin | October 26, 2009

“Did You Know?” 4.0, A Warm Bath of Change

Time marches on. Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod inspired the crew from XPlane Visual Thinking to produce yet another version of Fisch’s “Did You Know?” Here’s the latest, 4.0:


Karl Fisch, Arapahoe High School, Centennial, CO

Here’s Karl’s blog, The Fischbowl, at which you could find all the history behind the “Did You Know?” series.

After talking with a new friend this morning who described himself as a Luddite, I was inspired to nose around in my old e-mails to reflect on my relationships with actual living humans. The truth is I could relate to what he says; I often feel like a Luddite although I’ve run a computer network and I’m involved in new media.

And although my friend feels like a Luddite, I find his thoughtful perspective on humanity to be infinitely valuable. Because we’ve become enthralled with our new technological toys, he understands things about human social structures most of us either forgot – or never knew.

As I mined my e-mails, I re-discovered the 2006 land of Herr Fisch’s original, phenomenal viral vid, “Did You Know?,” more affectionately remembered with its catchy tagline, “Shift Happens.” When I found Karl immersed in his creative datacloud in 2007, I corresponded to thank him. Here’s his original vid:

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