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Roving Environmental Correspondents Invited ;)

Dan Richter as Moon-Watcher in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey

'Moon-Watcher' in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey

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The last report of common sense in the media (although it’s anecdotal) is said to have occurred right after it stopped growing on trees. This is universally accepted by anthropologists to have been around the same time represented when Stanley Kubrick’s actor, Daniel Richter, tossed his bone skyward in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The world’s hungry for common sense. We’d like to provide it.

After just several months of active environmental reporting and opinions, Blue Planet Almanac is taking another step in its evolution. More listeners keep coming aboard the radio hour, Websites as widely-niched as Cornell University’s press, ecoTimes and are taking note, more itinerant surfers are discovering our news site – and discussions of expanded radio coverage are underway with Healthy Life radio. We’ve made it our habit to interview respected environmental experts and discuss what can be done to green-up our planet. Things are good!

The pen's mightier than the bone.

The pen's mightier than the bone.

Blue Planet Almanac’s increased profile now needs the coverage of additional, roving correspondents. Thoughtful craniums are encouraged and you don’t have to ‘talk down’ to your audience. Your stories will be considered for radio coverage and in some cases you might be interviewed on the air. Reporters, writers, videographers and photographers with personal interests in any environmental or health topic will be considered, but Blue Planet Almanac has a special affinity for stories to be posted at this very site with these themes –

  • energy including oil, wind and solar
  • children’s concerns
  • sustainable lifestyles
  • green investing
  • water policies and politics
  • sustainable health
We have met the emeny and he is us.

We have met the emeny and he is us.

Blue Planet Almanac isn’t likely to turn away good, credentialed reporters from any medium for periodic submissions. But at the same time, the primary criterion for a good roving reporter is that you can convey an engaging story. You don’t even have to be over 18 years of age, because we find that many of the best ideas come from those of us with the freshest eyes. We’re most interested that you can –

  • think clearly and express what you’re seeing
  • write well and select videos and/or photos to dramatize your story
  • are either experienced with or a quick learner in user-friendly blogging technologies
  • can meet an occasional deadline
  • present your pre-flighted story ready for publication
  • remember that humor’s a good thing, but raving reporters might not get a callback

We’d love it if you could submit a story once a month. Please drop us a note of inquiry with your resume to


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