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AUDIO of BLUE PLANET ALMANAC 1-13-09 DEBUT, it’s a good-sized file so please be patient while it loads, or you can also go to my show’s archive at

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Mike Austin, host of Blue Planet Almanac

Blue Planet AlmanacTM radio premieres on January 13th, 2009 at 2:00 PM Pacific time, with host Mike Austin on the Internet radio network. is an all-positive talk station with over 3 million listeners monthly in 104 countries and all 50 United States.

Blue Planet AlmanacTM radio will offer thoughtful perspectives on conscious, green living on our favorite planet. With fascinating interviews, news and product reviews, caller participation about Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability will be encouraged, including science and policy of importance to Earthlings. Listeners can have their say in an environment that matters or simply listen to leaders in their field.

Dr. Ellis Jones, author The Better World Shopping Guide

Dr. Ellis Jones, author The Better World Shopping Guide

Mike’s first, shakedown-cruise show will feature noted social scientist and author, Dr. Ellis Jones. Author of The Better World Shopping Guide, Jones will discuss with Blue Planet AlmanacTM host Mike Austin how sustainability can be practiced quickly and easily by consumers ‘voting’ with their dollars in places like the supermarket, at the cosmetics counter, at department stores, at their brokerage house, or across the Internet while shopping from home.

In his book based on five-years’ research, Jones gives companies A through F grades based upon their records in human rights, environmental concerns, animal protection, community involvement and justice. With such easy-to-understand grading, consumers and the socially-conscious can influence how their world evolves. Jones is also author of The Better World Handbook.

In this hour-long premiere, Mike will also discuss…

  • … an important but under-appreciated phenomenon, called biomagnification or bioamplification – which affects how people, animals and plants bring toxic substances into their bodies via food. DDT, its defunct maker Montrose Chemical company and California’s tony Palos Verdes peninsula are used as examples of this phenomenon. Mike will mention an important California State University Long Beach study, cited in a Daily Breeze article by Melissa Pamer, which examines DDT levels found in Pacific Harbor seals and Northern Elephant seals.
  • … consumer products containing palm oil and palm derivatives and how they directly affect climate change, global warming and destruction of important rainforests. See the Blue Planet Almanac blog entry here about palm products and agribusiness.
  • … the nifty work of Charity Navigator, where anyone can get important, reliable information on a wide variety of nonprofits including those environmental and social in purpose. Charity Navigator bills themselves as, “America’s premier independent charity evaluator, (which) works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of over 5,300 of America’s largest charities.” Mike’s favorite nonprofits from Charity Navigator are mentioned.
  • The United Nations Environment Programme Yearbook 2008 as an excellent overview of environmental concerns for listeners interested in a deeper look at where our blue planet has been and what’s next. The 2008 Yearbook is available free for download here.
  • his Draft Principles of Sustainability which listeners can use to develop their own best practices for environmental and social responsibility. Mike will ask listeners to consider contributing to the list to be published here, which anyone can use in good conscience. Draft Principles of Sustainability include:  (1.) Pick What’s Important to You – where do you get your information and which issues are most important to you like climate change or whole food.  (2.) Use Less Stuff – consumables like paper towels or anything you use can be reduced in quantity.  (3.) Use Less Complex Stuff – the simpler product the better. A product like Simple Green which isn’t as caustic as chlorinated cleanser is a much simpler compound to produce and break down.


Blue Planet AlmanacTM radio host Mike Austin and guests on his show can be contacted at, or also by telephone on’s listener line whenever the show airs live. We look forward to calls e-mails, calls and newsblog comments! Join millions of listeners on 1-13-09 at 2 PM Pacific for our premiere!


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